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Yatho Hasta Thatho Drishti
Yatho Drishti Thatho Manah
Yatho Manah Thatho Bhaava
Yatho Bhaava Thatho Rasa

-Natya Shastra

Where the hands (hasta) go, there go the eyes (drishti)
Where the eyes go, there goes the mind (manah)
Where the mind goes, there goes the bhaava or expression
Where there is bhaava, there will be an evocation of an inner mood or sentiment.
This essentially means, the dancer has transcended into her zone of spirituality, and is dancing with her whole body, mind and soul.


Bharatanatyam Classes

All Classes are held at our Fords studio. For more information on classes, schedules, tuition, please call us.

Additionally, we offer classes for core training that incorporates the traditions of ballet and classic warm-ups. These classes are typically offered on Sundays

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