Dr Shobana Natarajan

Dr. Shobana Natarajan

A physician and an internist in practice for the last 20 years in New Jersey, Shobana found art and dance to be an incredible way to heal those who heal others. She firmly believes that Bharatanatyam has led to true connectivity to people to practice medicine

A native of Chennai, Bharatanatyam has always held special place for Shobana since her childhood. She found her perfect guru in Renuka Srinivasan and enrolled herself and her daughter Aparna in Tala Shruti in 2006.

In 2013 Shobana performed with professional dancers from Lustig Dance Theater in Jangala, an adaptation of Kipling’s Jungle Book. Choreographed by Graham Lustig and Renuka Srinivasan, it was a perfect synthesis of the East and West.

Shobana did her solo recital Samarpanam on September 27, 2014. Since then she has performed at multiple locations representing Tala Shruti. Additionally, Shobana has served as an emcee at some Tala Shruti arangetrams and continues to be a mentor and guide to junior students.